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Confessions of a Closet Bitch: Bothersome Co-workers

25 Aug

By: Sara Goff

Today at work, I really wanted to bitch this kid out.  Of course I kept my mouth shut because I’m scared to death of confrontation, but, in my head, I really let him have it.  For the sake of remaining professional, (because yes, I will happily log into my social media accounts if a prospective employer should ask) let’s call him Kevin.  Now, Kevin and I have worked together as Lifeguards in the past, at what we’ll call “Gym One.”  About a year ago, Kevin was fired from Gym One –finally– for failing to remain alert and attentive while working an opening shift.

Recently, I ended my employment at Gym One in pursuit of opportunities at “Gym Two.”  I was less than thrilled to notice Kevin, a fellow new-hire, at Gym Two’s inservice training.  In spite of the past, I was polite and courteous to Kevin.  This morning, I was scheduled to guard at Gym Two from 5-11am.  Normally, two guards are scheduled during that time—yet I was alone upon arrival. Not phased, I opened the pool as normal.  Nearly two hours later, Kevin strolled in.  “Sorry,” he said, without offering an explanation.  “Shit happens,” I replied through clenched teeth.

Not only did Kevin fail to remain alert and attentive during his opening shift…he failed to show up for his shifts at Gym One often enough to elicit a less-than-reliable reputation.  Kevin sucked at life in the past, and he still sucks!

Oh, how I long for the courage to tell Kevin what a shitty employee he is. But, alas, I surmise that my fear of confrontation–and the subsequent awkwardness it affirms–has forever doomed me to verbally annihilating such souls via the bitchy little voice in my head–then blogging about the incident in an annoyed fashion.