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Weekly Writing Challenge

6 Aug

By: Sara Goff

It’s been ages since I have written anything that could not be umbrella-termed as “professional writing.”  To be honest, I’m becoming quite sick of composing formal reports and essays.  And I won’t delve into my annoyance with recent “academic texts” I have been assigned…

In an effort to improve upon my creative writing skills, I decided to commit myself to (at least!) one creative post per week.  Considering the content of my recent writing endeavors, I feel as though my creative switch has literally been turned off; I need prompts!! Thank you, WordPress, for encouraging me to expand upon the weekly writing challenges. And so, without further ado, my attempt at creativity:


As I lie on my stomach, drenched in sweat from my efforts to remain still, I try to focus only on my breathing.  “Inhale deeply,” Miller tells me. “Then let it out as slow as you can.”  It’s working.  I stopped shaking.  I forgot my headphones—my ears have been condemned to the incessant static noise that is dialogue from MadTV.  I try to focus only on the sound of my own lungs as they expel my giant gulps of air.  Shit.  My arm is asleep; I can’t sit still, nor can I readjust.  I don’t want to fuck up his artwork.  Certainly he must be adding the finishing touches by now.  I am dying to ask—but I refuse to be that annoying girl.  No, I will power through this for as long as it takes.

That’s half of why I’m doing it, right?  To appease the lifelong Napoleon complex of a 20 year old 4’11’’ white girl?  Do I want to prove my badassery to others—or to myself?  I don’t know.  Nor do I really care; the point is that my tattoo is going to scar me for life, in more ways than one.

An avid admirer of contemporary art,  I myself am unfortunately rather artistically declined.  But, I have a world of respect for those who are able to channel their imaginations into visually appealing mediums.  If I am unable to relay the visions in my fantasies, I want my body to be an easel for someone who can.  Tattoos are my way of paying homage to the  experiences in life which, to me, hold special merit.

Artwork by:
John Miller
Short North Tattoo
Columbus, Ohio
February, 2013